17 May 2011

Thor (2011)

Thor: This mortal form weakens.  I require sustenance.

The fourth installment of Marvel's series leading to The Avengers, stars none other than your God of Thunder and mine, Thor!

Thor Odinson (called so because he's the son of Odin) is the heir apparent to the throne of Asgard.  His brother Loki is a right tricky bastard, and long story short, causes Thor to be banished to Earth.  Here, Thor (Kirk's father Chris Hemsworth) is hit on (see the movie, you'll get the joke) by Jane Foster (Natalie Portman).  Agent Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D has a great part to play in this film as he runs the effort to protect the hammer Mjolinar from everybody but himself.  Eventually Thor gets his power back and whups some ass, both on Earth and back on Asgard.

I really enjoyed this movie.  I'd place it pretty much on par with Iron Man.  I love that they are giving most of the Avengers their own origin story movies first, so when that film comes out, it can hit the ground running.  I was originally a little skeptic about Kenneth Branagh directing, but he did an AMAZING job.

As far as tying into the rest of the universe, we had a mention of Bruce Banner, Hawkeye makes an uncredited appearance, and Sam Jackson shows up as Nick Fury in the very spoilery post-credits scene, which is beginning to give us an idea as to what the Avengers will be about.

Next up, Capitan America in July; which in the trailer, we see Tony Stark's dad.

Speaking of trailers, at the theater I went to we had trailers for Capitan America and Green Lantern.  Which is ok, but I would have thought Marvel would have wanted a trailer for X-Men First Class.  Oh well.

I give this 9/11 hammers.

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