14 May 2011

Memories of the Future Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton

We all know who Wil Wheaton is.  At least we should.  Blogger, writer, entertainer, Wesley Crusher.  Ah, its the last one that has caused much contention among fans.  Wesley was a love him or hate him character.  Mostly hate.  I never had an issue with the character myself; but reading this book, you see that Mr. Wheaton was not the biggest fan of the book either.

Mr. Wheaton went and watched the first half of season 1 of TNG.  And then he wrote a book putting down his memories of the filming, and his thoughts as he watched them anew.

Pretty damn funny stuff.

Even if you are not a fan of Star Trek, this is a great book to check out.  The way he writes, you don't need to know anything about Star Trek.  You just need to sit back and enjoy the journey.

Oh, and Wil (can I call you that?) I still have not got a response to the fan letter I sent you when I was in the third grade.  That was...a long time ago.  I can't count that high.

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