06 December 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode 4

So the last bunch were... uneven to say the least.

-MMMM... Binary
-'including the holodeck, with which we've had problems' YA THINK?!
-the bynars are...moderately annoying
-oh riker. thanks for 5 minutes of designing your fantasy girl

Too Short A Season
-Those admiralty uniforms are HIDEOUS
-Jameson; good scotch, old admiral
-that's a sweet wheelchair
-mystery healing!
-as he gets younger, he's getting crazier

When the Bough Breaks

Home Soil
-Troi senses something!
-Fascinated with data... That can't be good. 
-No Genesis device? Lol
-Data got taken over?
-Beam the life form on? Ya, THATS a good idea.
-Ugly Bags of Mostly Water... lol.
-Photoelectric, that's kinda cool
-The Federation is 0/2 with terraforming

Coming of Age
-Entrance exams for Wes! WOOO!
-Picard has a buddy.
-Oh no! An investigation.
-Aww, Worf and Wes are having a moment...
-Oh, this just got interesting. A Conspiracy in Starfleet. Hmmm...

09 November 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode 3

So, last chunk we were about 3/5 with good episodes. Let's see how we fare now!

Hide and Q
-Yessss... Q hath returned.
-I do love me some Q and Worf banter
-Though nothing truly beats Picard and Q banter

-Troi's going to the chapel; apparently weather she wants to or not!
-First appearance of Luxwana
-HOLD ON. T-Bag from Prison Break is Wyatt? Well, shit.
-Plague ship, huh. That can't be good.
-Especially when it has the women from Wyatt's drawings! This can't be good.
-Nope, not good. T-Bag has run off to the plague ship.
-And THEY knew about him? Weird...

-Oh, one of those super difficult language things...
-Question: how does the holodeck KNOW that Picard wants to play Dixon HIll
-Lol, Picard haz lipstick
-And so begins the spate of malfunctioning holodeck episodes
-Crusher's eye roll at Data's accent was PERFECT

-We meet evil Lore
-Seriously, he's evil
-Cause I know, Ive seen the future
-Also, I'm drinking
-It should have been Lore in Nemesis!!!!!!
-OMG, he's painfully evil...
-SERIOUSLY. He. Is. Evil.
-How can Data be drugged?!?!?!?!?!?!
-Ahh, the origin of Shut up Wesly...

Angel One
-So, this episode happened.....
-Disclaimer: didnt take notes; this is all youre getting.

25 September 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode 2

Well, that was a rough beginning to the series. It can only go up from here, right? Of course it can. Positive thinking!

Alright! Here we go! This one is actually better than the last two. The Ferengi's at one point were meant to be the big bads of TNG. I can see how it would have worked. However, I do have trouble seperating what they were meant to be with what they became. But, good episode.
-finger traps

Pretty good. We get inroduced to the Travellor. Boy, he was cool. Wonder if he'll come back.
-an abundance of well being. GROAN
-acting ensign crusher!

-jr. officers learn? isnt that basically what they are trained to do?
-also, when does laforge become cheif? lets get some consistancy!
-start of data's holmes fascination

-too good to be true? way to telegraph that one Picard
-WTAF is up with those outfits? Way to call RIker out on his leering Troi...
-Awkward Troi is awkward; well then there's Worf
-sidebar: I think that building was in Stargate SG-1
-hold up...Geordi's VISOR is more better than the Enterprise's sensors?
-I'm not concerned with love, I am warrior. Yes Worf. Yes, you are.
-Don't break the rules we're not gonna tell you about!
-You tell hime (Data) Beverly!

The Battle
-no more headaches? that would be nice
-i thought troi couldn't sense ferengi?
-yay! no more common cold!
-so in 9 years they went from ST6 tech to TNG. I'll buy it.
-PS: ARe you reading this? I'm kinda drunk right now
-Picard's mind is getting played with.
-ah, the ole planted evidence trick
-why do the Ferengi's have white backgrounds? Answer: Budget

20 August 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation - Episode 1

Now, for our first entry of this intrepid journey! So, where do we start? The beginning of course!

Encounter at Farpoint
And here we begin. We get your standard first episode format. Introduce the main characters. Establish the locations, etc. Oh, and we get Q. He's kinda awesome. I sure hope he comes back! New uniforms (meh), new ship (yay!). Danger! Excitement! This show is great. Boy oh boy I hope the second episode keeps up the momentum!

The Naked Now
Oh. Um. Momentum lost. This was PAINFUL to watch. Didn't TOS do this one? Didn't they do it better? Next episode is better, right?

Code of Honor
Yeesh. Kinda better. Kinda. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm starting to lose faith. I KNOW it gets better. But dayum. This? I hope the cast thanked the Prophets that this episode didn't immediately end the series.

19 August 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation - Episode Zero

So, for a while now there's been this podcast called Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast. They started out reviewing each episode of The Original Series and associated movies. They've now moved on to Star Trek: The Next Generation. As I've never seen Season 1 of TNG in its entirety, I thought this would be a good chance to secure the Blu-Ray copies (by Khaless's forehead ridges they're amazing) and watch along. As such, each episode (or I may combine several episodes in one depending on my mood) will be reviewed here, and I will post the associated links to the Mission Log episode. These won't be long posts; merely a collection of my thoughts/reactions to episodes.