06 December 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode 4

So the last bunch were... uneven to say the least.

-MMMM... Binary
-'including the holodeck, with which we've had problems' YA THINK?!
-the bynars are...moderately annoying
-oh riker. thanks for 5 minutes of designing your fantasy girl

Too Short A Season
-Those admiralty uniforms are HIDEOUS
-Jameson; good scotch, old admiral
-that's a sweet wheelchair
-mystery healing!
-as he gets younger, he's getting crazier

When the Bough Breaks

Home Soil
-Troi senses something!
-Fascinated with data... That can't be good. 
-No Genesis device? Lol
-Data got taken over?
-Beam the life form on? Ya, THATS a good idea.
-Ugly Bags of Mostly Water... lol.
-Photoelectric, that's kinda cool
-The Federation is 0/2 with terraforming

Coming of Age
-Entrance exams for Wes! WOOO!
-Picard has a buddy.
-Oh no! An investigation.
-Aww, Worf and Wes are having a moment...
-Oh, this just got interesting. A Conspiracy in Starfleet. Hmmm...