25 September 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode 2

Well, that was a rough beginning to the series. It can only go up from here, right? Of course it can. Positive thinking!

Alright! Here we go! This one is actually better than the last two. The Ferengi's at one point were meant to be the big bads of TNG. I can see how it would have worked. However, I do have trouble seperating what they were meant to be with what they became. But, good episode.
-finger traps

Pretty good. We get inroduced to the Travellor. Boy, he was cool. Wonder if he'll come back.
-an abundance of well being. GROAN
-acting ensign crusher!

-jr. officers learn? isnt that basically what they are trained to do?
-also, when does laforge become cheif? lets get some consistancy!
-start of data's holmes fascination

-too good to be true? way to telegraph that one Picard
-WTAF is up with those outfits? Way to call RIker out on his leering Troi...
-Awkward Troi is awkward; well then there's Worf
-sidebar: I think that building was in Stargate SG-1
-hold up...Geordi's VISOR is more better than the Enterprise's sensors?
-I'm not concerned with love, I am warrior. Yes Worf. Yes, you are.
-Don't break the rules we're not gonna tell you about!
-You tell hime (Data) Beverly!

The Battle
-no more headaches? that would be nice
-i thought troi couldn't sense ferengi?
-yay! no more common cold!
-so in 9 years they went from ST6 tech to TNG. I'll buy it.
-PS: ARe you reading this? I'm kinda drunk right now
-Picard's mind is getting played with.
-ah, the ole planted evidence trick
-why do the Ferengi's have white backgrounds? Answer: Budget