A Bunch of Things to do in 10 years

Not Started - 81
In Progress - 2
Completed - 0

Personal Wellness:
  1. Complete 20 road races (either 5K or 10K) (0/20)
  2. Earn my Blue belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  3. Earn my Black belt in the ABD system
  4. Complete a half marathon
  5. Complete a biathlon (run/bike combo)
  6. Complete a Century Ride (100 miles)
  7. Run Warrior Dash
Be Creative!
  1. Photograph a wedding for money
  2. Submit a photograph to a competition
  3. Take a random picture once a week for a year and make a book out of them. (0/52)
  4. Post 100 new photos to Instagram (7/100)
  5. Scan pictures from 5 old photo albums (0/5)
  6. Write a short story
  7. Collaborate with someone on a project
  8. Complete a 365 (0/365)
  9. Post an old picture of my online once a month for a year (0/12)
  10. Enlarge and frame 10 pictures I've taken (0/10)
  1. Write reviews for 100 films (0/100)
  2. Watch a movie I have not seen beginning with each letter of the alphabet (0/26)
  3. Read 10 books off the Times 100 Books (0/10)
  4. Watch 10 documentaries (0/10)
  5. Attend a musical I have not previously seen.
  6. Watch a movie I have not seen released each year from 1929 (Start of the Academy Awards) through 2013 (0/84)
  7. Watch a cancelled TV show that is on DVD from beginning to end
  8. Watch the films I have not seen from the AFI 100 Years, 100 Movies, 10th Anniversary (/)
  9. Watch 10 films I have not seen from IMDBs Bottom 100 (0/10)
  10. Watch 10 films off of IMDB Top Westerns (0/10)
  11. Watch 10 Alfred Hitchcock films (0/10)
  12. Watch the complete stories of 4/7 Classic Doctor Who (0/4)

  1. Summit Mt. Katadhin
  2. Stand at the highest point in three states (Excluding South Dakota and New Hampshire) (1/3)
  3. Hike the Presidential range (does not have to be at the same time)
  4. Helicopter Ride
  5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  6. Camp in five states I've never camped in (0/5)

Geek Stuff
  1. Attend Comic-Con San Diego
  2. Attend Connecti-Con
  3. Attend NY Comic Con
  4. Attend Dragon-Con/Jordan-Con
  5. Hold game nights at least twice a year (0/20)

  1. Visit Europe
  2. Hike to the top of a “fourteener”
  3. Visit 10 different National Parks (0/10)
  4. Keep a travel journal for a full trip
  5. Reach 100 reviews on Trip Advisor (0/100)
  6. Visit a zoo I have not been to
  7. Renew my passport
  8. Visit 3 states west of Mississippi (0/3)
  9. Visit 3 states east of Mississippi (0/3)
  10. Get a stamp in my National Parks Passport for each region that is currently empty
  11. Get a wall map with pushpins for places I've traveled
  12. Visit another country with a family member.
  13. Visit ten museums I've never been to (0/10)

  1. Watch a Red Sox game in a stadium I've never been to
  2. Get back into cross country skiing
  3. Watch a sporting event at a stadium I've never been to
  4. Attend a professional soccer match
  5. Attend a Patriots Game
  6. Watch at least 4 games in one season of the Connecticut Tigers (0/4)

Helping Out
  1. Donate 1,0000,000 grains of rice on Free Rice (25,420/1,000,000)
  2. Volunteer for something
  3. Raise money for a charity
  4. Help someone accomplish a goal on their list
  5. Pay for a stranger behind me in the drive thru
  6. Inspire five people to make similar lists (0/5)

Nom Nom Nom
  1. Have a beer I've never tried in each of ten breweries I've never been to (0/10)
  2. Visit all the vineyards in CT
  3. Complete a food challenge from Man vs. Food
  4. Buy a food item once a month for a year that I've never bought and use it. (0/12)
  5. Try 10 new recipes (0/10)
Its All About Me
  1. Write blog entries for at least twice a week for the duration of this list (6/1040)
  2. Submit something into a creative competition. (writing or photography)
  3. Pay off one of my school loans
  4. Take some sort of dancing lessons
  5. Start a new list at the end of this one
  6. Write and send at least one hand-written letter a month for a year
  7. Clean out my stuff from my moms attic and do something with it
  8. Put $10 aside for each goal completed (5061)
  9. Write a letter to myself to open on the last day of the list
  10. Start a journal
  11. Learn and master a card trick
  12. Make 10 sales to reduce unnecessary possessions (0/10)
  13. Buy a new car
  14. Put $10 aside for each completed goal (0/86)

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