24 February 2013

Training Log - Week of 17 FEB 13

18 FEB 13
ABD - Review for stripe test next week.  Everything felt good.  Except the part where I must have pulled something during my private class.  Kicks were... painful tonight, but I worked through it.

BJJ - worked over the leg escape from guard.  Fairly straight forward.

20 FEB 13
Neiman Gracie seminar!  This was a lot of fun.  Worked a bunch of open guard stuff.  De la Heva, spider sweep and variations to the two.

21 FEB 13
ABD - More review for stripe testing.  Worked on kick defense for sparring.
BJJ - Just rolled a bit.  A bit frustrating.  But I know getting good at BJJ takes quite a bit of time.

Myself and Neiman Gracie

18 February 2013

Training Log - Week of 10 FEB 13

11 FEB 13

ABD - Learned more of the stick combination.  Ya, that can get complicated quickly.  Good energy throughout.  Still some things that give me trouble, but at least there's 30 lbs less of me to haul around now.

14 FEB 13

ABD - Same stuff as Monday, jsut sparring instead of sticks.  Sparring today was a bit of conditioning.  Basically getting hit to see how it feels.  Not full power, clearly.  Enough though that you get an idea of what its like to take a hit.

Did a private class after.  Got a lot of great tips on my kicks.  Nothing major; just technical stuff.  Stuff like getting higher up on the ball of my foot and not using as much muscle with my kick.  Thai kicks are supposed to be loose; relying on technique to deliver the strike.  Rotating the hip and chambering my leg back before the kick to get more range.  Also worked on the stick combination.  That was a lot of help.  I'll do private lessons again.  Very helpful to get that one on one feedback.

16 February 2013

Rock of Ages (2012)

To the Summary!
In rocking 1987 LA, Sherrie arrives to pursue her dreams of becoming a singer.  There she meets Drew, a bar back at The Bourbon Room with dreams of stardom all his own.

To the Cast!
Julianne Hough - Sherrie Christian
Diego Boneta - Drew Boley
Russell Brand - Lonny
Alec Baldwin - Dennis Dupree
Bryan Cranston - Mike Whitmore
Catherine Zeta-Jones - Patricia Whitmore
Paul Giamatti - Paul Gill
Tom Cruise - Stacee Jaxx
Malin Akerman - Constance Sack
Mary J. Blige - Justice

To the Deeper Thoughts!
I really liked this movie.  A movie full of 80s classics framing a story of love and loss in 1980s LA?  I'm in!

Based off of the musical of the same name, Rock of Ages is just a fun movie.  I've not seen the musical, but after seeing the movie, I would really like to.

Not much to the movie, really.  Sherrie comes to LA looking for fame.  Instead she finds Drew and the rest of the characters at The Bourbon Room.  Then there is the former rock groupie, turned wife of the mayor Patricia Whitmore.  She wants to shut down The Bourbon Room, because sex drugs and rock and roll are all bad.  Throw into the mix Stacee Jax's final performance as a bid to save The Bourbon Room, and the stage is set.

Really not too many deep thoughts to go on about with this movie.  Its nothing fancy, nothing flashy.  Just a good simple movie with some great music.  Give it a watch.  If you like 80's tunes, and Tom Cruise going full 80s rocker, then this film is for you!