18 February 2013

Training Log - Week of 10 FEB 13

11 FEB 13

ABD - Learned more of the stick combination.  Ya, that can get complicated quickly.  Good energy throughout.  Still some things that give me trouble, but at least there's 30 lbs less of me to haul around now.

14 FEB 13

ABD - Same stuff as Monday, jsut sparring instead of sticks.  Sparring today was a bit of conditioning.  Basically getting hit to see how it feels.  Not full power, clearly.  Enough though that you get an idea of what its like to take a hit.

Did a private class after.  Got a lot of great tips on my kicks.  Nothing major; just technical stuff.  Stuff like getting higher up on the ball of my foot and not using as much muscle with my kick.  Thai kicks are supposed to be loose; relying on technique to deliver the strike.  Rotating the hip and chambering my leg back before the kick to get more range.  Also worked on the stick combination.  That was a lot of help.  I'll do private lessons again.  Very helpful to get that one on one feedback.

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