24 February 2013

Training Log - Week of 17 FEB 13

18 FEB 13
ABD - Review for stripe test next week.  Everything felt good.  Except the part where I must have pulled something during my private class.  Kicks were... painful tonight, but I worked through it.

BJJ - worked over the leg escape from guard.  Fairly straight forward.

20 FEB 13
Neiman Gracie seminar!  This was a lot of fun.  Worked a bunch of open guard stuff.  De la Heva, spider sweep and variations to the two.

21 FEB 13
ABD - More review for stripe testing.  Worked on kick defense for sparring.
BJJ - Just rolled a bit.  A bit frustrating.  But I know getting good at BJJ takes quite a bit of time.

Myself and Neiman Gracie

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