05 March 2013

Training Log - Week of 24 FEB 13

25 FEB 13

ABD - Review for stripe test.  Everything felt great.  Really enjoying the escrima stick combo for this cycle.

BJJ - Worked on...elbow escape.  Useful for when someone has you in mount.  I also had a bit of a breakthrough at class tonight.  Not so much physical, but mental.  My instructor spent many years as a blue belt (2nd belt in).  What I took away from his talk tonight was that I need to focus myself more.  I'm trying too hard, I think.  I need to focus on one area.  Defense.  So from now on, I will be someones sparring dummy, working on escapes and getting to a better posture.

Weight Loss
202.2 (-4.4)
23.7% (-1.6)

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