17 March 2013

Training Log - Week of 10 MAR 13

11 MAR 13

ABD - Second week of month three.  Abs week this week.  So, naturally, my legs hurt.  Reviewed the second set of the curriculum in preparation for belt testing at the end of the month.  Felt really good about everything; just little adjustments to be made.

BJJ - Worked on two sweeps this week.  I focused on Scissors sweep and hip heist sweep.  Two fairly basic sweeps.  Felt pretty good with them.  Also, when it came time for rolling, I focused more on defense than anything else.  Hopefully this new focus will be of benefit in the long run.

14 MAR 13

ABD - Day two of week two of month three.  More ab fun!  No, seriously.  Its pretty fun.  Had a great class.  Worked on the stick set and sparring today.  I need to be a little more aggressive with sparring.

BJJ - More sweeps work.  Scissors and hip heist.  Doing pretty good with them.  Still frustrating, but I've gotten almost zen.  I'll progress slowly here.  But I will get better.

Weight Loss
Weight - 196.8(-4)
Body Fat % - 22.6(+.5)

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