20 August 2014

Zupka Watches Star Trek: The Next Generation - Episode 1

Now, for our first entry of this intrepid journey! So, where do we start? The beginning of course!

Encounter at Farpoint
And here we begin. We get your standard first episode format. Introduce the main characters. Establish the locations, etc. Oh, and we get Q. He's kinda awesome. I sure hope he comes back! New uniforms (meh), new ship (yay!). Danger! Excitement! This show is great. Boy oh boy I hope the second episode keeps up the momentum!

The Naked Now
Oh. Um. Momentum lost. This was PAINFUL to watch. Didn't TOS do this one? Didn't they do it better? Next episode is better, right?

Code of Honor
Yeesh. Kinda better. Kinda. Maybe. Maybe not. I'm starting to lose faith. I KNOW it gets better. But dayum. This? I hope the cast thanked the Prophets that this episode didn't immediately end the series.

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