15 May 2011

30 Day TV Challenge: Day 3 - Your favorite new show (aired this t.v season)

In what is now becoming typical fashion, I don't have just one, I've got three!

First up, The Cape.  Your typical show about a straight shooting cop who gets framed for the deaths of many, only to fall in with an underground circus and be give a special cape to go out and avenge his name and protect his family.  A bit to dark for the kiddies, this show followed the main character as he learned to use his new cape and tracked the baddies with the help of Summer Glau.  This show was full of win.  But NBC sucks and cancelled it.  It would go great on SyFY...but well, I'm not speaking to them right now.

Law and Order:LA.  Yup, yet another Law and Order was fired off this season.  After an initial bumpy start, it took some time off, came back, killed Skeet Ulrich and got down right badass.  But, NBC cancelled it.

Hawaii Five-O.  Yes, its a procedural.  But its set in Hawaii.  And it has Scott Caan!  Daniel Dae Kim!  Grace Park!  And some other guy.  Oh, and it has involvement from show runners of LOST.  While I've gotten bored of procedurals recently, I really like H5O.  Its fun, well written and beautifully shot.

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  1. I also guessed the Cape for this one!