20 May 2011

New 2011 TV Shows We Can't Wait For - UGO.com

New 2011 TV Shows We Can't Wait For - UGO.com

And so it begins.  2011 Fall TV schedules are coming out.  Which is a good time for me to offer my random thoughts and commentary.  See above link for preview videos.

25. Alcatraz - Sam Neil!  Jorge Garcia!  Alcatraz Island!  Yes please!  Oh, and something about time travel.  Whatever.  I was sold at JJ Abrams.  Not sure why its going to be a midseason placement, but whatever, I can wait.

24. The Playboy Club - And here I thought it was already done and called Mad Men

23. Falling Skies - Looks interesting.  Alien invasion drama.  Could be good.

21. Finders - A bones spin off starring Michael Clark Duncan.  Could be interesting.  I bet they find stuff.

20. Ringer - Starring Sarah Michelle Geller this show is about... well I'm not sure.  The blurb on the above website mentions twin switching and mob ties.  Sounds ok.  Its on the CW which automatically adds a layer or ick in my opinion.

19. Once Upon a Time - My feel is like a season long Tenth Kingdom.  I'll sign on for this!

16. Napoleon Dynomite - No. No. No. No. No.  Why?

15. Charlie's Angels - Could be interesting to watch.  Looks like somebody saw how popular the Hawaii Five-O reboot was and went looking for another old school cop/action show to reboot.

9. Grimm - Cops dealing with Grimm's fairy tales that come to life?  Sign me the hell up please!  A new, exciting idea.

4. Hell On Wheels - A Western centered around the transcontinental railroad?  This may very well be the first AMC show I watch from day one.

2. Awake - A father reality jumping trying to solve if he lost his wife or son in an accident. +2 to Ugo for a Robot Chicken reference in its blurb for this show.  I'll still watch this of course

1. Terra Nova - Spielberg!  Dinos!  Stepgen Lang!  I can't wait to see this!

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