22 May 2011

Batman (1989)

The Joker: I have given a name to my pain, and it is Batman.

Michael Keaton.  Jack Nicholson.  Batman and Joker.  Directed by Time Burton, this flick saw the battle between Batman and Joker brought to the big screen.  This is one hell of a movie.

This is without question a classic.  Nicholson's take on the Joker was perfect.  Keaton's performance as Bruce Wayne/Batman is great as well.  I think he does better as Wayne than Batman, but hey, its not like the got George Clooney to play Batman.

Also of note is Billy Dee Williams as Harvey Dent.  Now, I don't know if Burton's plan was to eventually bring Two Face to the party, but I think I would have wanted to see Lando as Two Face.

In conclusion, I love this film.  I've seen it many times, and will continue to watch it for years to come.

I give it 9/11 Batmobiles.

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