31 May 2011

Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson

Read 10 books off the Times 100 Books (2/10)

Here we have the second book off of the Time's 100 Books, and to paraphrase the same bad ass knight that I paraphrased in my first choice, I chose wisely.

Snow Crash tells the story of Hiro Protagonist, a hacker in the future who stumbles into a religious zealot's plot to reboot the human brain using an ancient Summerian computer virus.  And the rebooting will essentially make people his followers

Get all that?

Stephenson is not known for easy to grasp plots.  This is not the first of his works that I have read.  Of the ones I have read, this is the easiest to follow.  Living in both Reality and the Metaverse (think 3D Internet) Hiro races against time to uncover who is behind the virus Snow Crash; which is the virus that will reboot the human brain.

Its dense, no doubt about it.  Hell of a read though.  Stephenson brings in elements of ancient languages, the Bible, tech stuff and commercialism.  Smashes it together and delivers a hell of a read.

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