29 May 2011

Batman Returns (1992)

Alfred: Why are you so determined to prove this Penguin is not what seems?  Must you be the only lonely man beast in town?

The second (and final) outing of Michael Keaton as Batman, sees him dueling with The Penguin (Danny DeVito) and Catowman (Michelle Pfeiffer).

I remember two things about when this movie came out.  The advertising for it and Danny DeVito creeping me out for years.  In fact, up until my recent viewing the one thing I would always remember about the movie is just how creepy DeVito was.  When I had this on VHS, I used to skip it and go straight to Batman Forever.  I always found this movie creepy; and never had huge desires to watch it regularly.  Its still not one of my favorite Batman's, but I think it no longer creeps me out.

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