18 April 2011

Neuromancer - William Gibson

Read 10 books off the Times 100 Books (1/10)

Here we have the first book that I've chosen to read off of the Time's 100.

To paraphrase the bad ass knight from Indiana Jones, I chose poorly.

I was excited to see that something of this genre showed up on a list of 100 great books.  While I am a fan of sci-fi and related works, its not a genre I would expect to see on a list like that.  When I did, I figured that it must be pretty damn good indeed.


Frankly, I thought it was boring.  Your main character, Case, is a literally burnt out hacker who gets hired to perform one last hack.  Turns out one of two AIs want to kill itself.  Or this family wants to take over the world.  Maybe a bit of both.  Really ambiguous plot.

Its possible I missed the point.  I'm not really sure.  The book never grabbed me, but I never wanted to put it down without finishing.  So I guess I am ambiguous towards the book.  Its not one I'll read again.

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