16 April 2011

Kick-Ass (2010)

Hit Girl: So, you wanna play?

Kick-Ass tells us the story of a young man who decides to take the law into his own hands.  Tired of being picked on and beat up, Dave Lizewski dons a green wet suit and becomes Kick-Ass.  An overnight internet sensation, Kick-Ass begins to attract the attention of other superheroes... and villians.

Joined saved by Hit Girl, and her father Big Daddy, Kick-Ass begins to get sucked in more and more to a world that he is not ready for.  He draws the attention of the local mobster, who thinks Kick-Ass is responsible for causing his woes.  The mobster is wrong, its really Big Daddy and Hit Girl.  So, the mobsters son decides to become a super hero himself (named Red Mist) to lure Kick-Ass in.

Well, there is the inevitable betrayal.  Big Daddy and Kick-ass are captured and tortured; with that being broadcast over the internet.  Hit Girl arrives and kills....um everyone.

The final action piece is pretty impressive.  Hit Girl and Kick-Ass take on the remaining gang members in their penthouse lair.  The good guys win, and the movie closes with Red Mist (now in yellow) vowing revenge on Kick-Ass.

I really liked this movie.  I had read several issues of the comic and was not very impressed.  Due to that, I had some reservations about the movie.  I'm glad I watched it though.  Its now on my short list of films to own.  Its very fun, very visually striking.

Oh, and as far as the bit of controversy about the 11 year old dropping a very bad word?  So what, clearly her parents were ok with her saying it, so no big deal.  I'm glad that they did not change the age of Hit Girl, as I think her age makes some parts of the film have a greater impact.  Especially the rescue of Kick-Ass and Big Daddy.

Clearly there will be a sequel.  I will ABSOLUTELY try and see the sequel in the theater.  Not a movie I regret seeing.  I highly recommend it. 

I give it 7/9 broken bones.


  1. I never had heard of this series before. When i first saw this movie I thought it would be a silly carefree type super hero movie. When I did see it I was really impressed. It has a lot of things going on and it is pretty heavy; I mean Nic Cage gets burned alive!

  2. Having read the comic, I knew that it would not be too carefree. I was much more impressed by the movie than the comics.

    Ya, the part where Nic Cage gets burned was pretty intense. Very well shot and acted when it could have gone campy or less emotional.