20 April 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 14 - The Film That No One Expected You To Like

I'm giving my vote for Moulin Rouge here.  I remember hearing about it before it came out, and had ZERO interest in seeing it. Singing? Dancing?  Weird look?  Nope I'll pass.  That is until I got to college.

My roomate and our friend would get together for movie nights.  We once did one called 'Natural Disasters'  Ghostbusters, Twister and the volcano one with Pierce Brosnan was on the bill.  But I digress.

One night she came over bearing Moulin Rouge and pretty much tied us down, and pried our eyelids open.  Well, at least the roomate's.  :-)

That all being said, I ended up really enjoying the movie.  I saw it several more times throughout college, and ended up buying it.  Even now when I look at it, I'm still surprised that I liked this movie as much as I did.

I give it 4/5 Mr. Goodbars.  Yes, I know you don't get it.  But there are those that do.


  1. I just laughed hysterically. That was awesome. I'll never forget the fight I had to endure over "Smells like Teen Spirit" in that movie. Good times I'll never forget!!!!

  2. I don't remember a fight over "Smells Like Teen Spirit", but I do remember mine and Dan's reactions as songs we like were presented in the movie. I remember a lot of eye rolling. Definitely a movie I'm glad I was...persuaded to watch. :-)