21 April 2011

Its rant time beotches...

Ok ladies and gets time for me to break out the soap box and assault your eyes with some good old fashioned ranting.

I saw a link today (this one in fact George R.R. Martin added to Time's 2011 100 .  At first, I thought that they had released a new list of 100 books to read.  I was ready to let forth with the full fury that I have at my command and bitch and moan why Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time was not on the list because at least his series has an end date thank you very much.

I was wrong.  Apparently this is Time's list of 100 most influential people.

What. The. Fuck.

*disclaimer:  I am really a huge fan of George RR Martin; no lasting malice intended*

But seriously?  Ok, I get that his series is now the basis for what looks to be a massively popular HBO series.  But his last book came out... a while ago.  The next one is due in the summer of this year.  Hey, Robert Jordan passed away, and they got somebody to finish the series.  What was your excuse George?

I'm not sure who/what George influenced, but on a list that includes Justin Bieber, I guess its a good thing Mr. Jordan was not included.

*sounds of heavy breathing*

Seriously though, you should give the books by Mr. Martin a read.  They are indeed very good.  For one, I am right now waiting for Spring 2012 for the last book in the Wheel of Time series.

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