23 April 2011

30 Day Film Challenge: Day 17 - Your Favorite Comedy Film

Out of all the comedy films I could have chosen, I chose History of the World, Part 1 for a funny story that I can attach to it.

But first, a quick lesson on the Spanish Inquisition (which no one ever expects)*

See, my senior year in high school we had a pretty awesome science teacher.  In the closing days of school we were allowed to bring in some movies to watch.  I chose this one.  I had to shut it off right about the point where Madeline Kahn was choosing some male....um, servants.  Oops.  I didn't see the problem.  We were all adults...sort of.

*OK, I was worried that calling on both Mel Brooks and Monty Python would be akin to crossing the streams.  As we are all here and not being attacked by a 50 foot marshmallow man, I think we're good.

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