06 April 2011

Inception (2010)

Eames: You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.

Now this is a film.  I loved it from beginning to end.  The idea that you can go into somebody's dream and steal information.  And not just that.  But you can create dreams and bend them to your will.  Oh, and you can plant an idea in somebody's head, but that's only been done once.

See, the premise here is Ken Wantanabe wants Leo DeCaprio and pals to put the idea to break up a huge company into the heir of said company's head.  So DeCaprio yells 'Dreamers Assemble' and they go to work.  Oh, and DeCaprio has some baggage.

Without going into to much plot detail, we get a plan to go three dreams deep to plant the idea.  The visuals as they do this are AMAZING!  Story is well done, with very few points where they beat the plot and mechanics of said plot over your head.

I do want to address the ending...

See, every dreamer who enters Tel'aran'rhiod needs to bring along a totem that they can use to make sure they are either in or out of the dream.  DeCaprio has some dream issues cause he's hardcore like that.  So the movie ends with his totem (a top) spinning.  If this was the dream, the top would never stop.  Real life - it topples.  The film ends with the top wobbling just a bit.

I think he made it out.  My other evidence is Michael Caine.  Mr. Caine plays DeCaprio's father (or father in law).  He is the one character that never appears in the dream sequence.  So the fact that he is there at the end tells me that it is no dream.

What are your thoughts?

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