15 January 2011

Under Siege (1992)

 "Nah, I'm just a cook."

Bullshit, Mr. Segal.  Bullshit.  You are far from a cook.  You are a one man SEAL team.  You are Chief Casey Ryback.  Tearing through the likes of Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey, this is a tour de force in great early 90's cinema.

Now, I could go on and on about the inaccuracies of this movie.  But I won't.  I won't mention how he's a chief, but in the poster to your left he has the shoulder boards of an Admiral.

Moving on...

Speaking of tearing through things, the director of this movie clearly handed Mr. Jones and Mr. Busey bottles of hot sauce, pointed at the scenery and said 'Enjoy!'  Those two chew through the scenery like they hadn't eaten for months.  And I enjoyed every morsel.  Its rare that I see Mr. Jones as the bad guy, but I think he was perfect for this part.

There are two other cast members I'd like to single out.  One is Glenn Morshower.  For those of you who are fans of '24' this name should be very familiar to you.  He played the stalwart Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce.  Agent Pierce was one of my favorite characters in that particular series.  Not one that appeared all the time, but I always admired his dedication and honesty in a world where both of those traits are lacking in those around him. In this film however, he plays an annoying Ensign who does not respect the awesome of Chief Ryback, the lowly cook.  Ryback saved your bacon though....

The other is Colm Meany.  Fans of Star Trek will recognize him as the ever demoted Chief Myles O'Brien.  Here however, he is feasting on the leftover scene pieces and doing his best to be as bad ass as possible.  And it works.  As much as I like Chief O'Brien, I like to see Mr. Meany play the bad guy from time to time.

Ah, well once the world was made safe for democracy once again, Mr. Segal got the girl, stuck a knife in Mr. Jones's eye and professed a fear of needles, I shut my TV off, glad to have watched this movie once again.  Its fun, its improbable, and its enjoyable.  Its everything early 90s action movies aspired to be.

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