26 January 2011

A Commentary on Badass TV One-Liners

So one day, the interwebs pointed me to the link below.  Go ahead and click on it, I'll wait.

The Most Badass TV One-Liners - UGO.com

Ready?  Ok, as you can see this is a list of 50 most badass tv one-lines.  Some surprises, some no shits, and some disturbing omissions.  I'll not cover each line, just the ones I am familiar with, and I'll throw in at least one that I think should have been included.

50 - LOST (The End), Kate Austin: 'I saved you a bullet.'
When I first heard this line, I thought it was pretty cheesy.  Predictable too, from lines spoken earlier in the episode.  But, as with other parts of the LOST finale, time has changed my opinion of this line.  It really is quite bad ass, and a fitting finalish line for Ms. Austin

The First Holy Shit inclusion!
49 - Star Trek: Voyager (Year of Hell, Part 2), Capitan Kathryn Janeway: 'Times.... UP!'
Ok, a bad ass line from not just Star Trek, but Star Trek: Voyager? Hello!  This is actually one of my favorite episodes of the routinely uneven series.  Its what Voyager should have been from the beginning.  We see a year in the life of the Voyager after some time meddling by the always watchable Kurtwood Smith.  Voyager falls apart, crew die.  Finally, Janeway realizes what needs to be done to fix the timeline, and as she orders the final course for the Voyager, she cranks out number 49 on this list.  Timeline fixed; Voyager resumes its course of mediocrity.

41 - Dollhouse (Man on the Street), Adelle: 'There are three flowers in the vase.  The third one is green.'
Aww, snap.  With that one line we see that Dollhouse goes deeper than programmable humans.  We see the sweet Mellie, neighbor to the FBI agent who is trying to save Echo, kick some ass.  At this point, the game changed.

38 - Chuck (), Ted Roark: 'A real shotgun wedding.  Just think, that terrible pun will be the last thing you ever hear.'
The creators and writers of Chuck handed Chevy Chase his lines and let him loose upon the scenery.  This was such a great episode overall, but this line stands out.  Of course everybody is rescued shortly after.  But the line was still awesome.

37 - 24 (), Jack Bauer: 'No, you don't'
Oh, Jack.  With those three words, you end what is one of the greatest rivalries in television history. Jack v. Nina.  I mean, we all knew that it would end like this someday, but when it finally happens the fans of 24 gave a collective cheer as Jack's nemesis met her end.

Huh, I seem to be going on a bit more than I planned.  So as not to have stupidly long posts, I'll pick up where this one leaves off another day.  As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!

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