27 March 2011

X2: X-Men United (2003)

Wolverine: You picked the wrong house, bub.

And right there in the quote I chose for this film, I represent again how well X-Men set up for this movie.  Intentional or not, to me this hearkens back to the line in X-Men where Professor X pities the poor fools who choose to attack his school.

In this case, the attacker is one Stryker, the person responsible for Wolverine's adamantium skeleton.  Stryker would like to destroy all the mutants in the world because Prof. X couldn't help Stryker's powerfully mutant son.  So in one of the most ill advised moves in cinema history, Stryker attacks Xavier's school, so he can kidnap some of the kids and test his mutant killing version of Cerebro.  Bad idea.  Yes, he does take some, but I maintain Stryker's team got the shorter end of the stick.

Speaking of mutants, we also get to see Nightcrawler.  Very cool, very well done.  And he didn't even need to tell us he's invincible.  (Bond joke there.  Look up Alan Cumming, and Goldeneye)

But wait!  In one of my favorite escape scenes, Mystique has injected a guard with iron who somehow gets past the metal detector and walks into Magneto's  plastic cell.  So, Magneto extracts the lead from the poor guard and escapes with a certain panache.  All hell begins to break loose.  Of course, Magneto wants to kill all the humans.  Magneto and Stryker meet, hugs and kisses ensue.

Um, no.  We all meet up at Alkali Lake, the location of Stryker's super secret love shack.  And just as all the mutants are about to be destroyed, Magneto shows up and starts the process on destroying all the humans!

Well, that's not really that important.  No one side gets obliterated.  What we do get is Jean Grey dieing, and setting up for what should be a pretty bad ass telling of the Dark Phoenix saga.

What we got was X-Men: The Last Stand.  Which isn't completely fair, as I think X-Men: The Last stand is pretty decent, but I won't be going into that here.

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