13 March 2011

Cop Out (2010)

Jimmy Monroe: I was in the moment and the moment said smack ya.

I almost wish someone would have smacked me at some point during this movie.  After being so used to watching movies that Kevin Smith both wrote and directed to see one that he only directed was a bit... distracting.  The direction was great in this movie, but the writing was a bit weak I felt.

There were however, some strong points.  The opening interrogation scene was great, as Tracy Morgan's Paul Hodges spouted off movie quotes from cop movies.  Of course there was a 'Yippie-ki-yay motherfucker' to which Bruce Willis's Jimmy Monroe responded: 'Never saw that movie'  However, I saw that line coming.

In short, Hodges and Monroe are suspended after a botched bust, and Monroe needs lots of cash to pay for his daughter's wedding.  Insert the needing to sell a rare baseball card, Sean William Scott stealing said card, and then hijinks's ensue as Hodges and Monroe track it down.

In the end, the card is made worthless, and Monroe's ex-wife's rich husband (played by Jason Lee) ends up paying for the wedding.  The movie felt very uneven, with another high point being Kevin Pollack's DeNeiro impersonation.

I dunno.  The acting was tolerable, but I think part of that was due to the actors and not the writing.  I also think that Kevin Smith should stick to directing his own writing, or be a little more picky when choosing other's writing to direct.  It was like the directing and acting was at a 8, but the writing was somewhere around a 5.

I give it 5/9 stolen baseball cards.

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