08 March 2011

Some of the bigger TV cliffhangers known to man...

TV's Biggest Unresolved Cliffhangers - UGO.com

Once again I bring you commentary on a list found amongst the piles of information that can be, um, found on the  Internet.

In this instance, its a list of the (allegedly) biggest cliffhangers that the producers of television have foisted upon us.  I'm going to come right out and share what number one is, mostly because I disagree with it whole heartedly.


Yup, the painfully obvious choice.  I discount this from ANY spot on the list because unlike some other notables on the list, LOST knew it was ending.  They had plenty of time to give us the answers they wanted to.  I for one am satisfied with all the closure that LOST gave us.

Moving on...

I have not seen everything on this list, so I will contain my ramblings to those shows of which I have personal frustrations.  That being said, our first contestant is...

24. Star Trek: The Next Generation - 'Conspiracy'
This is one that I'm ok with never being resolved.  The short version is that Picard and Riker find out that Starfleet Command has an Invasion of the Body Snatchers thing going on.  At the end of the episode the parasites have sent a message into the great unknown.  And they are never heard from again.  This was written and aired before the onset of overall story arcs, so never resolving it doesn't bother me.  There was more than enough awesome to go around in TNG.

19. Tru Calling
19?  19?!?!  Seriously, this needs to be a bit higher.  Yes, the first season was uneven, but it ended with the question of who is doing the right thing... Tru, by saving people, or her nemesis Jack from making sure those same people die.  In the second season, the idea of what happens if Tru saves somebody who did not ask for her help was setting up for even more awesome.  Oh, and did I mention that Tru's mom had the same power and her dad shared Jack's?  Um, ya.  Needed some serious closure there.

14. Flash Forward
Ya, this one I'm meh about.  Decent show, but plagued by show runner issues it never caught on like it should have.  Yes, the ending was non conclusive, but it worked.

11. Carnivale
Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with what should have been number one.  Out of all the shows I've listed thus far, THIS had the biggest of all the cliff hangers.  The ending shots offered so much potential of what could have happened, and to have it just end...  damn you HBO, damn you.

9. The Sopranos
And here is the other predictable one.  I for one LOVED the ending to The Sopranos, after yelling at my TV. Dead or alive, the Soprano family lives on.

Honorable Mention, or lack thereof

Journeyman.  A Quantum Leap-esq show, this dealt with the main character who was  being thrown through time to figure something out.  I don't remeber much, other than this show was awesome.


  1. So you think Tony Soprano survived? That ending drove me nuts but I eventually accepted it for the brilliance that it was.

  2. Yes I do. Now, weather or not his family survived...