23 March 2011

Star Trek: Generations (1994)

Harriman: It doesn't arrive until Tuesday.
Kirk: Who am I to argue with the captain of the Enterprise? 

Time to boldly go where so many have gone before... reviewing Star Trek movies.

To start with, I'll introduce a segment specific to the Next Generation movies... I call it, Where did Worf come from?

Where Did Worf Come From?
This is an easy one.  At this point he is still assigned to the Enterprise D, so it makes perfect sense that he is in this movie.

So, now that that part is taken care of...

We will address this as Kirk's Time, Picard's Time and Combo!

Kirk's Time
William Shatner returns to the role of Kirk with the same enthusiasm that he first brought to the role all those years ago.  You can clearly see Kirk's discomfort at being on the bridge of a ship named Enterprise, and not be in command.  This is not forced from Mr. Shatner, and lends a lot of credibility to these scenes.  Alan Ruck as Capitan Harriman was perfect.  Mr. Ruck perfectly portrays that sense of awe and nerves being in the presence of living legends. His continual looks to Kirk during the rescue mission were well played and quite believable.

And then it starts to fall apart a bit.

Really?  One of the greatest commanders that Starfleet has ever known goes down to reprogram the main deflector?  *sigh* ok, fine.  I understand this is all part of the plot but still...

Anyway, Kirk dies when the Nexus bitch slaps the Enterprise-B.  Kudos to James Doohan at this moment.  His reaction was well done, and still sends a shiver down my spine to this day.

Picard's Time
To start with, we get Worf's promotion to Lt. Commander.  Its about time! An amusing scene here sets up one of the subplots for the rest of the movie which is Data's decision to install his fucking emotion chip.  This becomes probably the most annoying part of this movie.

Speaking of annoying...

Would it have killed the lighting department to turn on a few lights?  The majority of the Picard's time scenes were barely lit, and was very distracting.

We see Picard get all emotional as he deals with the death of his brother and nephew.  Nice scenes, but pretty much dropped after this episode.... er movie.

So, needless to say, Kirk and Picard meet in the Nexus to take down Soren who apparently couldn't handle being rescued by the Enterprise-B as well as Guinan did.  Cause Guianan and Soren were total pals and on the same ship that the Enterprise-B saved.  Oh right, we STILL don't quite know how Guinana and Picard know each other, but we get to see her quarters...

So, theres some exposition, fighting and Kirk dies.  Yup, they kill off Kirk.  Which, I dunno.  It was good as a passing of the torch kinda moment.  I think though that they could have done a Next Gen movie without Kirk.  But worry not!  William Shatner brings Kirk back to life in the non-canon books.

I wanted one scene with an Admiral reaming out Picard for not keeping Kirk alive...but that's just me.

Final notes:
Lursa and B'etor make an appearance as Soren's lackeys.  One of the better random parts of this movie.  I liked it.  Plus they are responsible for the destruction of the Enterprise-D.  But they die and can't get all the Klingon cred they want.

Uniforms:  Pick one and stay with it.  I understand you wanted to use the DS9 uniforms, but it got distracting seeing two different styles of uniform.

Its all ok though.  First Contact is coming.

I give this 4.3/7 Tuesday deliveries.

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