16 February 2011

Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995)

Travis Dane: 'Assumption is the mother of all F*CK UPS!'

Ahh, truer words have never been spoken.  I try to live my life by these wise words.  Of course, when you are trying to take control of a top secret satallite so you can blow up Washington DC for the highest bidder, you damn well better make sure that Chief Lt. Casey Ryback is no where to be found.  But as luck would have it, Lt. Chief Ryback is going home with his niece (hello young Katherine Higel!) to pay his last respects to his brother.

Oh, you noticed what I did there with the ranks of Mr. Ryback?  Well, in Under Seige, he was a Chief.  Here he seems to be a Lieutenant, but that's only clear at the very end of the movie.  I'm just gonna call him Mr. Ryback, and hope he doesn't kick my ass.

Anyway, shortly after the train is taken over (once again Mr. Ryback is in the kitchen when all this goes down), Mr. Ryback becomes the one man killing machine that we knew and loved from Under Seige.

From his beeper bomb, to a mad dash with a truck to catch up to the train, no obstacle is to big for our hero to overcome.  Back to the beeper bomb...

Seriously, he takes some random, everyday items one finds in the bar of a train, packs them into two martini shakers, attaches a beeper, sends a message and 'BOOM'!  No more bad guys.    Seriously, Ryback and MacGuyver should meet.  I'd watch that movie.  Or run for cover, not sure yet.

There is a bit of continuity however. The Admiral from the first movie, and Tommy Lee Jones's first boss make appearances to utter lines along the um, line of 'Yay Ryback!  He'll f*ck those terrorist's shit up!', but in more professional verbiage.

In conclusion, this is a rare case where the sequel lives up to the previous film.  Full of crazy one liners, crazier action sequences and did I mention Katherine Higel?  Oh, and a young Morris Chestnut, who can now be seen on TVs 'V'.

In more conclusion, watch this film.  Its fun, its fresh aged well, and will proved 100 minutes of breath taking action.  And lessons on what happens to an eyeball that's pierced with a soldering iron. Here's a hint.... its not pretty.

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