03 February 2011

Podcast Portfolio #1 - Simply Syndicated

I listen to podcasts.  A lot. And for the most part, they come from this wonderful international network of podcasts known as: Simply Syndicated - 21st Century Media

They have a podcast that covers just about any subject you can think of.  Shall we list them?

Make It So: A Star Trek Podcast - Commonly referred to as the gateway podcast, this is the podcast that got me hooked into the offerings of Simply Syndicated.  The title says it all.

Books You Should Read - Hosted by Kennedy Gordon, this podcast delves into all topics literary

The Definitive Word - Its not definitive, but its always fun.

Movies You Should See - As the title tells us, this is a podcast where the hosts expound upon movies they feel we should see

In addition, there are also a number of 'Federation' shows; shows that are not produced by the core members of Simply Syndicated.

Masters of None - Hard to describe, but always fun to listen to.  Three former radio DJs bring their skills to the Internet.

Starbase 66 - Your guide to speculative fiction.  Star Trek, Star Wars, comics and everything inside, outside, above and below those guidelines.

Nerd Hurdles - Another sci-fi/fantasy podcast, the hosts discuss various topics that one might find hard to swallow due to their inherent nerdiness.  Tangents ensue.

This is just a sampling of what the network offers.  From time to time, I will be highlighting a specific podcast, giving each the attention it deserves.

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