13 February 2011

The Expendables (2010)

So I finally got around to watching the most ass kickingest movie of the last (lets see, carry the one, divide by awesome) oh, 5, 10 years.

And it was AWESOME!

Really straight forward plot.  Bunch of mercenaries led by Stallone, get a job handed to them by Willis, because the Governator didn't want it.  Mass chaos and destruction ensues.

There really was nothing special about the movie.  Outside of the cast, this was your basic blow the hell out of everything movie.  But just the shear weight of awesome this movie carries...seriously, it bends the shelf of my rack its on, and its the only DVD on that shelf.

In the end though, this movie is exactly what it advertises.  An over the top action fest featuring all most of your favorite action stars.  A must see for all action movie aficionados.

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