05 February 2011

Hot Shots! Part Deux (1993)

Ramada Rodham Hayman: I had to come.  It was a sequel.

Between the quote from Ramada and the 'Just Deux It' on the poster to your left, you can kinda figure out where this movie is going.  I think early drafts of the script went something like this:

Continuity - Not needed
Spoofs - Many
Random Martin Sheen cameo - Double Check

Of course, all those items appear in the movie, so maybe there was only one draft.  Which is ok by me.  This is one of the greatest sequels that have (almost) nothing to do with its predecessor.

I also tend to forget that Ryan Stiles is in this movie.  I keep forgetting that he rode Drew Carey's coat tails to the top with 'The Drew Carey Show' and 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?".  But he does great in this film.

Also known as the bloodiest movie ever, (really, there's a body count meter at one point), this is a tour de force, spoofing everything from Rambo 3 to Wall Street.  That Martin Sheen cameo?  Ya, at one point Martin and Charlie pass each other on a boat... kinda reminded me of Apocalypse Now.  Anyway, they apparently loved each other in Wall Street.

Ok, this will just turn into another quote fest should I try to review it any further.  Its a great movie.  Great for laughs, great for background noise.  Hell, great for drinking game fodder should you choose.

And you know what got me hooked on this movie, all those years ago when I first saw it?  Charlie Sheen shooting a chicken from a bow and arrow.  That's right.  A chicken.  From a bow and arrow.  Now you know you MUST see it, if only for that.


  1. wow this came out way back in 1993? Ill admit I saw it back then and I loved it....Can you believe that Charlie Sheen went from Platoon to this?

  2. Indeed it did. I know I saw it around when it came out. I don't remember for sure when I first saw it, but I know it was in a hotel in Hershey, PA.

    I have a harder time believing that Charlie Sheen went from Platoon to Two and a Half Men. :-)