02 February 2011

45 - Have a beer I've never tried in each of ten breweries

So last Sunday, Leanda and I had a day out.  We traveled to Manchester, CT and had lunch at John Harvard's Brew House.

John Harvard's Brew House
That's the link.  But it doesn't list the Manchester location; nor does it list the beer I had.  Weird yes.  But I was there.

Any who, while I wanted to try the barley wine, I was the driver for our day out, and did not want something so heavy and high in alcohol cruising through my system.  Instead, I chose the Snow Flurries White Ale.  Somewhat of a cloudy golden color, this ale was delicious.  Smooth, balanced and possessing an interesting aroma, it went well with the fish and chips I dined on.

Then Leanda ruined it when she said it tasted like Coors Light....

*Sigh*  Onto the next brewery.  Any suggestions?

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