21 February 2011

Game of Thrones Spoilers and such (and a mini rant)...

So of all places, MTV had a list of 10 most anticipated scenes for HBO's Game of Thrones.  Its been a while since I've read the book, but I would say that their list hits all the high points of Game of Thrones.

Ones in particular I'm looking forward to...

#9: Viserys Targaryen Receives His Crown - I remember this from the book, it was early in the book if I recall.  Its brutal and effective, and sets the tone for the book.

#6: Bran Stark Falls at Winterfell - Without getting all spoilery, this is a VERY key scene in the book.  Which if I recall is not resolved until a book or two later.  As its been a while, so I could be wrong.

#1: Execution of Ned Stark - Ya, this one deserves to be number one.  In a short time, this character was a favorite, but when he met his demise, oh man.  This scene set the tone even more than number 9.

Now, since I refuse to subscribe to HBO just to watch this, I'll have to wait until it is on DVD.  Which gives me plenty of time to re-read the book, and discover all the other scenes that I can't wait to see.

Normally, I'd hop on a high horse, and start demanding that HBO start making 'The Wheel of Time' into a series, but I guess they are happy filming a book series that has no end in sight.

Ya, I went there.  Hear that Mr. Martin?  I'd like to read a new 'Song of Ice and Fire' book... soon.

Top 10 Anticipated Game of Thrones TV Moments (Spoilers!) » MTV Geek

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