03 January 2013

Training Log - Week of 30 DEC 12

I be you think I haven't been training for the last week or so.  Well, you're right.  Took a week off over the holidays, so I went and started a diet.

A diet you say?  Yep.  I've tried several different things on my own, and always fall off the wagon with them. So, I went and signed up for the diet Leanda is doing.  Its basically high protein, low everything else.  But, I have to pay for their food and check in every week, and I'm at a point where I need that kind of restrictions.

Must be working, I lost 6, almost 7 pounds the first week.

3 JAN 13 - First week back for ABD.  Its buddy week, so no new material.  But we focused on some technique for Muay Thai.  Good class, and I'm glad to be back.  Bring it on!

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