07 January 2013

The Skulls (2000)

To the Summary!
Peter Bishop, undergrad at Yale gets invited to join the uber elite club, The Skulls.  There he meets Lance Harbor, whose dad is Hayden Fox.  Oh, and a fellow member is Dr. Gil Grissom.

These may not be the actual character names. Can you figure out where the above characters are from?

To the Cast!
Joshua Jackson - Lucas McNamara
Paul Walker - Caleb Mandrake
Hill Harper - Will Beckford
Leslie Bibb - Chloe Whitfield
Christopher McDonald - Martin Lombard
William Petersen - Ames Levritt
Craig T. Nelson - Litten Mandrake

To the Deeper Thoughts!
So, you've got this Yale student, we will call him Lucas.  Lucas wants to go to law school but its very expensive, and he is not a rich boy.  So, as any normal college student, Lucas aspires to get selected to join an elite secret society.  Perfectly normal, right?

Lucas gets paired up with Caleb as soul mates.  You know, you Skulls buddy for life.  Then Caleb kills a reporter friend of Lucas'.  Lucas finds out, and is now torn between justice and his new awesome life as a Skull.

He chooses justice of course.  There's a good old fashioned duel at an elite private island, and the matter is closed.

Not a terrible movie.  Nothing to special, although the cast is fairly impressive.  If you have a couple hours to kill, good to have on as background noise.

I give it 19/23 secret societies.

-the reporter
-the artsy one

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