21 January 2013

Iron Sky (2012)

Um, I can't even muster the strength to write a review on this.  Its bad.  Really bad.  And my standards are pretty low as it is.

Nazi's escaped to the moon in 1945, and in 2018 they are ready to take over the Earth.  Oh, and the president is Sarah Palin (or a really good send up of her).  And, she's bat shit crazy.

Space zeppelins towing asteroids for cryin out loud!


Partial redemption for a Wing Commander joke.

Its bad.  Just stay away.  Please.  I warn you.

A little after watching, I've decided that this movie is still bad.  But, if you can take a few jokes about America (this is a German-Finish-Australian film)  and some jokes about those countries, its not going to be a complete waste of time.

Um, ya.  Glad I rented this one...

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