20 January 2013

Training Log - Week of 13 JAN 13

14 JAN 13

ABD - More technique this week; working the hook.  Did some really good kick work outs.  Been concentrating on rotating my hip to get more power, and I think its coming along.  Stick combo is crazy and awesome.  Really easy to lose track once you get going at some sort of speed, but I think I'll have it down in time for stripe test.

BJJ - Back to basics.  Need to work on maintaining a good base when in someone's guard.  Such as keeping a strong 'Marcio Uppercut' grip on your opponents gi.

17 JAN 13

ABD - Worked on some sparring technique; frame work and blocking.  Also, blocking a clinch.  Also worked on choke defenses for Krav.  Kicks still felt good, which I'm glad about.

BJJ - More of the base practice.  Also worked a sweep using the hips.  Feel like though everytime I try to be pro active while rolling, it backfires.  But, this will come with practice.

Weight Loss

Weight - 224.4 (-6)
Body Fat % - 30.4% (-.9%)

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