04 November 2010

Remakes Everywhere Part 4

Part 4!

Also, here is a refresher on my abbreviations:
NN - Not Needed
NS - Never Saw the original
NP - Make it Now Please

50 Upcoming Movie Remakes

26. Pet Semetary - NS.  Given how prolific Stephen King is, I would think that they would have found another of his books to turn into a movie.  (I'm looking at you 'Bag of Bones')  If we want to redo any of his properties, I nominate 'IT' or 'The Stand'... TV miniseries that deserve the HBO/Showtime treatment

27. Yellow Submarine - NS/NN  This needs to stay where it belongs... the 60s

28. Heavy Metal - NS.  Jack Black is attached to star.  Why don't they just make a movie out of that video game Jack Black was the star of a year or so ago.  From what I understand, its basically the same kind of thing.

29. Dune - NS (but I read the book)  *sigh*  This is perennially one of the films that will never be filmed right, or so they say.  We've had one theatrical release, and one Sci... oops SyFy miniseries.  Possibly needed, but I'm not sure.  I may need to watch the original theatrical release, then decide.

30. My Fair Lady - NS

31. Akira - Ok, I've seen Akira (or at least most of it)  I know this is a treasure in the Anime world.  I'm not a big fan of Anime, but even I know you should not mess with this movie.  However, the link above says that the original movie only covered a portion of the source material, and that this new one would be live action.  I'm still thinking no.  If it started animated, keep it that way.

32. The Birds - NN.  No.  Fail.  Do not remake any of Hitchcock's movies.  At least don't remake any more.

33. Escape From New York - NS/NN  Again, a 80s movie that needs to stay where it belongs.

34. The Phantom Toolbooth - NS

35. The Orphanage - NS  But with The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco starring, I'll go see it.

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