20 November 2010

I've made my list.... and I've checked it once or twice

So after being directly inspired by my friend Chris, I have created one of those lists of things to do in a certain amount of time.  Mostly, they are along the lines of 88 In 888.  Mine is very similar, in that its titled 61* Things To Do Before I Am 30.  As my 27th birthday approaches in less than a week, I thought this would be a good time to get the list out there.  I will not be starting any of these until Thursday, and will then have three years to complete as much as I can.

Its not a race, I know this.  Its about experiencing as much as I can.  Doing as much as I can.  Will I complete all of it?  Probably not.  But the adventure in trying will be well worth it.


  1. Also..I would love to help with items 1-7 and 24-27....I know of another blog that would love to cover that story...newenglandoutside.com !

  2. Thanks for the offer Grant! I must admit when assembling this list, I was constantly thinking of people who could help, and your name was on the list!