13 November 2010

Remakes Everywhere Part 5

Part 5!

Also, here is a refresher on my abbreviations:
NN - Not Needed
NS - Never Saw the original
NP - Make it Now Please

50 Upcoming Movie Remakes

36. Poltergeist - NS

37. An American Werewolf in London - NS.  I could see how this is going to be remade with all the other horror properties getting an update.

38. Drop Dead Fred - NN/1/2 NS.  My wife loves this movie.  I've seen half of it and that was more than enough.  The fact that Russell Brand is starring as the titular character (admittedly he is the best choice) gives me an automatic hell no to this movie.

39. F/X - NS

40. Honey, I shrunk the kids - NN.  No, No, No, Hell No, No, Never.  I liked this movie as is, and I think it works because they used models and camera trickery to have it work.  I can almost guarantee that there will be much use of CGI, and I think that will take away from the movie.

41. Meatballs - NS

42. Robocop - I've very meh about this.  The original was ok.  Is it in need of a remake?  Possibly, but only if they make it as violent as the original.  The only way I will accept this is if the film makers say 'fuck it' and go straight for the NC-17 rating.  That's right, the original cut was so violent they gave it a NC-17.

43. Romancing the Stone - NN.  Another classic staple of the 80s that should just stay there.

44. Suspicion - NS  Will Smith + Alfred Hitckock story = YES PLEASE!

45. Fletch - NP  Chevy Chase is classic in this, but its definitely a movie that could be made again.  But, first the planets need to align for this to get going.  Cause, as the above website mentions, its in development hell.

Ok, so that is apparently not 50.  I must have mis-counted at some point.  Meh.  Rest assured as I see these or hear more about them, I will revisit the list for any changed opinions, thoughts on the finished product, or to list the (possibly) missing 5.


  1. Indeed it is. Some of these have release dates and some don't, but I fear we will see the majority of these at some point in the future.