24 May 2012

Vermont Trip - May 2012, Part 2

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We awake on Saturday, and head to the Deli/Brewery for coffee and pastries.  We then put rubber to the road and head into Burlington for a day of exploration.

This is a BAD panoramic, but that's New York across Lake Champlain
View down the main street of the market

Unknown to us, every Saturday, Burlington hosts an open market.  We found some AWESOME stuff there.  Wine was tasted, cheese was eaten, hot sauce... survived.  Bought the requisite maple syrup, some wine and tasty jam. 

Burlington is a really neat town.  Right on the shore of Lake Champlain, it was really easy to navigate and find our way.  Granted, we only stuck to one street, but still, we did not get lost.  :-)

Dogbite Bitter
So, after fully exploring this market, we were getting a tad on the hungry side.  Where else to eat but the Vermont Brewing Company!  As pictured to the right, I sampled their Dogbite Bitter.  Their newspaper style menu suggested this be paired with fried foods, so I ordered their fish and chips.  Beer was great, fish and chips, mediocre.  But I got a healthy portion, so that made up for the lack of quality.

At this point, we decided it was time to go take a break and see Dark Shadows (more on that movie in another post).  But first, we made the life changing decision to get a light snack from this place called My Little Cupcake.  Oh. My. Thor.

My Little Cupcake sells mini cupcakes.  Leanda and I got an order of six, and each chose three.

Holy delicious Batman!

Clockwise from upper left: Red Velvet, Coconut Lime, Mint Chocolate, Maple Bacon, Salted Caramel and Chocolate2. I can only personally vouch for the bottom three, but these are the bomb!  I could go on about these all day, but trust me.  If you are ever in Burlington, go here.

On our way back to the Trapp Family Lodge, we swung through the Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream factory.  Neat little place.  Took a tour.  It was pretty neat; got a free sample, so that was cool.

Onto dinner at a place called Michael's On The Hill.  While the dinner was truly amazing, it was the cheese board.
Look at this thing!
Now, I've got cheese plates at other places.  But those plates usually just had the cheese, some grapes and some crackers.  Not here!  Starting at your left, I got a peach chutney, raspberries, apple, candied mango, local honey and strawberries.  Oh, and no simple crackers here.  Fig wheat bread.  Nom. Nom. Nom.

So, as you saw, Vermont is awesome.  Go there.  Look for more pictures on my Flickr feed (23 Frames a Second)

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