08 May 2012

Training Log - 7 MAY 12

How I felt after BJJ tonight
Another night of fun and excitement tonight at ABD Norwich.  New material during Muay Thai/Krav Maga.  Did some awesome aggression drills tonight.

And then there was Jiu Jitsu.  Tonight was probably the first night where I really had a lot of fun.  We did some guard evasion drills.  Which were fun, cause they end with me putting all my body weight on my sparring partner; and I have body weight to spare.  Of course, then they dropped their weight on me.  Oh, and when did some drilling I got dropped on my head and saw stars, hence the picture to the right.

Either way, I HURT.  Yesterday I ran, then mowed the lawn.  Today was two hours of class. Tomorrow I was going to run, but I may rest my broken body.  :-)

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