23 May 2012

Vermont Trip - May 2012, Part 1

So this past weekend, Leanda and I took a trip up to Stowe, VT.  We love it up there!  We stayed at the Trapp Family Lodge, spent the day in Burlington, hit some breweries, saw Dark Shadows, and had a FANTASTIC meal at a little place.  To the pictures!

Our first stop was actually the Yankee Candle Flagship store in Massachusettes.  Took no pictures there, but boy is that place MASSIVE.

Leanda and her Blackberry Wheat
Me and the Belgian Double White

Next, we hit up the Long Trail Brewing Company in Bridgewater Corners, VT.  I've had a few of their ales before, and I looked forward to stopping here.  Leanda had the Blackberry Wheat ale, and rather enjoyed it along with their Grilled Portobella Sub.  I opted for something from their Brewmaster's Collection, a Double Belgian White.  Now that was a tasty brew.  Paired with their  Long Trail Bratwurst, this made for a fine late lunch.

Our journey then took us to the Ben and Jerry's factory.  But, alas, it was too late in the day to visit on our first day of the trip, so we planned to try again the following day.

So, where did we stay you ask?  The Trapp Family Lodge.  Yup, as in the Sound of Music.

View from the parking lot

Either Dunkel or Vienna Amber
Nice place.  They have a couple of beers that they brew.  Yes, I bought two of them.  They came in 1 liter bottles.  Impressive, I say.  I tried one of two.  I say this because when I had an impromptu tasting on our last day there, the beer I thought I had the first night was not the one they showed me at the tasting.  Oh well, they were still tasty brews.  The food was ok, nothing special.

So, I realized that this post is running long.  Stay tuned for our adventures in Burlington, which include some seriously bad ass cupcakes!


  1. Nice trip....can't go wrong with VT!

  2. Grant - nope, can't go wrong at all! For me its been 10+ years since I was last up there and Leanda had never been. Part 2 will talk about a locale I believe you and Mr. LaPlante have been to, the Vermont Brewing Company!