11 May 2012

Training Log - 10 MAY 12

So, started class like normal tonight.  Worked knife defense drills with a Green belt who (and I am not making this up) broke his wrist this morning, and did two classes tonight.  Then we did some crazy cardio stuff.  Plank work, frog pushups, etc.

The the call went out... 'BBT - Sparring gear!'

That's right folks, finally got to spar.  Spoiler:  it was AWESOME!

So, ya.  Sparred for the first time tonight.  I worked with an Orange belt.  Started with two minutes of drilling, trading kicks and punches, then two minutes of full contact sparring.  Did I do great?  Of course not.  Blocking kicks with my hands, not being close enough for punches to land, not working combos, just single shots.  But I did not fall down, got in at least one good shot on my opponent, and not all of his shots landed on me.  So its a win.  I really am looking forward to doing more sparring.  I still like the Krav material best, but I'm thinking sparring will be a close second.

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