13 August 2011

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)

The third film starring the Classic Trek crew, The Search for Spock sees Kirk and company returning to the Genesis planet created at the end of Wrath of Kahn.  Their mission?  Rescued the re-born Spock.  See, we need Spock's body to get Spock's mind out of McCoy.

Its a Vulcan thing.  Which Sarek (Spock's dad) thought that Kirk should have known about.  (Hint: Kirk didn't).  So after being guilted into going back to the Genesis planet, and Starfleet saying 'Hell no!'  Kirk, does the next logical thing.

Steals the Enterprise.  I mean, really, that's what any rational starship commander would do.

So we get to the Genesis plant, only to discover that the Klingons are already there, along with Savvik and Kirk's son.  Christopher Lloyd plays a cold bastard of a Klingon.  I mean, really Klingons are pretty ruthless, but Kruge (Lloyd) kills an underling who accidentally blows up the USS Grissom.  Hardcore, right? 

Anywho... Kirk is forced to surrender, tricks Klingons onto the Enterpise, which he (Kirk) rigged to go boom.  And boom does it go.  So, we rescue everybody (except Kirk's son who dies (see Star Trek 6)), get to Vulcan (in the stolen Klingon Bird of Prey), put Spock's brain back where it belongs, and we all go about our merry little lives, until we return to Earth in Star Trek IV.

Another case of better than I remember, Star Trek III was a strong follow up to Star Trek II.  Upcoming though we have Star Trek IV and V.  A mixed bag if there ever was one.

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