14 August 2011

Five films that were never (thankfully?) made...

Wired's 5 Films left on cutting room floor

And here we have another list of things on the Internet, and I shall comment on them.  This time its movies that were never made.

Lets start with...

The Nightmare of Edgar Allen Poe - who was slated to play Poe?  None other than Michael Jackson.  That WTF look you have?  Yup, same one I got.

At the Mountains of Madness - I have no comment, as I am not familiar with the source material

Genghis Kahn - Starring Steven Segal.  I'd watch this, if only because of Segal.  I wish this was made

Redezvouxs with Rama - Again, not familiar with source, but the casting attached. David Fincher to direct, Morgan Freeman involvement.  I'd have to like to have seen this.

Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian - Like you need to ask, I would have been first in line for this. 

So, what are the thoughts of the gathered masses?

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