02 July 2011

The Wrestler (2008)

Randy "The Ram" Robinson: The only place I get hurt is out there.  The world don't give a shit about me.

To start with, I almost didn't want to see this movie.  I have a HUGE Aronofsky hurdle.  I'm 0-2 with his movies.  Both Pi and Black Swan.  Both of which I was not a fan of.

Side note, until now I did not realize that Aronofsky was a producer on Below, one of my favorite movies.  But that does not factor in, because we are talking his directorial efforts.  And by efforts, I mean my efforts to get through them.

However, last night I decided to finally give The Wrestler a try.

And I'm glad that I did.

The Wrestler tells the story of Randy 'The Ram' Robinson, an elder statesmen in the world of wrestling who is trying to make ends meet by doing day work at a grocery store during the week, and small town wrestling gigs on the weekends.  A legend in the ring, its hard to see just how far he's fallen.  Aches, pains and drugs are all standard operating procedure for the Randy.  When he's not in the ring, he is spending time at a strip club, trying to get to know Cassidy (Marissa Tomei).  We also learn that Randy has a daughter, who he abandoned at a young age.

The movie follows Randy as he decides to give up the ring after an event which led to a hospital stay.  Only problem is, without the ring, Randy gets bored.  He finally returns to the ring for one last match, where (spoilers) he dies as he performs his signature move.

Or at least I think he dies.  Going by Pi and Black Swan, both of which had main characters die at the end, the set up here was all to familiar.

I really enjoyed this movie.  The acting and pacing was perfect.  I'm glad that I decided to see this.

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