04 July 2011

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)

Jack Sparrow: There should be a "Captain" in there somewhere.

'Captain Jack will get you by tonight'.... no?  Anybody?  Well, you are right, this is not a review of the Billy Joel song 'Captain Jack'.  This do be a right and proper review of the moving picture, 'On Stranger Tides.'

I'm gonna just put it right out there.  This movie was awesome.  The series did have a bit of a stigma attached to it after the last two installments, or at least the interwebs led you to believe.  Yes, the last two movies had their problems, but what movie is perfect?

So, we have here a (mostly) stand alone movie detailing an adventure of Captain Jack Sparrow.  As the movie opens we are in London, where Jack is... recruited as a member of Blackbeard's crew.  Side not, I particularly enjoyed how they made Blackbeard into some sort of sorcerer.  Moving on...

So, we learn that a prior acquaintance of Jack's, Angelica, is also the daughter of said Blackbeard.  Who has motives of her own.  And Blackbeard has motives of his own.  As does Jack. Oh, and Barbossa has motives of his own as well.

Aside from everybody having their own motives, which may or may not line up with the motives of others, there is the relatively unimportant religious figure who is there just to get a mermaid to cry.

So, the goal of the story is to gain access to the Fountain of Youth, which looked a little like the Guardian of Forever. (Star Trek fans will know of what I speak)  Oh, the Spanish have a part to play, but its pretty much an unneeded one.

To sum it up, I liked to movie.  It was a worthy successor to the first one, and in large part the second two are not required viewing to enjoy this one.  Fans of the series will enjoy this movie.

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